Morning Manna: Wisdom Served With Humor and Heart

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What’s the matter? Life giving you the blues? Are you long on questions but short on answers? Try these tasty bites of Biblical wisdom. Each one is a no-holds barred life lesson that is relevant to the world you live in. But beware, this is definitely not yo’ mama’s devotional. Some bites are hot and spicy, some cool and refreshing. Others are just plain hard to swallow. But every bite provides nourishment for your soul and is served with a little humor and a whole lot of heart. Samantha Dunn, best selling author of Failing Paris, proclaims: “T. Faye’s words fairly jump off the page, grab you by the throat and say, “Just listen up!” Authentic, ferocious, funny and oh-so-human. This is a writer who’s got a finely-tuned ear for language and who looks deeply into our shared humanity. Simply divine, and divinely inspired.”

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